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Professional Development

EL Programmes

We are teachers so we understand that your time and resources are valuable. That is why our professional development programmes consist of methods and strategies that can be applied immediately.

The trainers that work with us are professional and regarded in their respective fields. They are able to create interactive, useful training sessions that are easy to follow.

One of the Professional Development Programmes we specialise in is Teacher Training for Teachers of English Language.

We work with English Learners from secondary schools to working adults. We take the students who are slightly better beginners and help them reach an advanced stage of learning English. These students will use their varied levels of English to think, solve problems and have discussions using the tools we have created. The students will be impressed by how quickly and thoroughly they will be able to employ their English skills to discuss real life situations.

The English Language (EL) programmes we offer are:

- Basic English for Government Officials

- Intermediate English for Government Officials
- English for Effective Negotiation

- Basic English for Working Adults

- English as a Second Language for Students

- IELTS training

Consulting and Other Services

If you need expert assistance from an external source, we will be able to help you.

We offer consultation for starting up schools, designing and conducting courses/programmes and vetting of written material (technical manuals, company brochures, training documents, theses, etc).

We also mentor talents in various areas of the entertainment industry to help them with their writing and presenting in terms of grammar, vocabulary and delivery so that they look professional and not struggle when invited for special roles/sessions.

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